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Requiem | Generative Art

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Stuart Faromarz Batchelor
printed on Giclée Hahnemühle German Etching

Requiem – 2020:

This painting is based on Mozart's Requiem, a piece played at the meeting between this world and the next. Requiem captures this feeling, a final departing, in a last fever dream among autumnal beds of leaves, flowers and roots.

A richly detailed piece. Intricate textural forms contrast with dark areas of absence and other, smoother materials - embodying the earthly mixing with the otherworldly.

By subtly suggesting the subjects, Requiem allows the viewer to fill in what they themselves make of it. Enriching and adding to the piece with every viewing.


The piece measures 21cm X 26.9cm - a little less tall than A4 size and comes with no white border.

The piece sells unframed and is packaged using archival quality coverings and strong card.